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If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney. The attorneys at Todd Moore PLC handle all types of criminal matters for clients from all walks of life in Williamson County, Davidson County, Rutherford County, Maury County and other surrounding counties. Our attorneys will zealously advocate for your rights and do our best to obtain a favorable result for your case.


We frequently represent clients who have been charged with crimes such as driving under the influence (DUI), domestic violence, or possession of a controlled substance. While these are serious offenses, there are often circumstances involved in the criminal investigation or arrest that justify reducing or even dismissing charges. Although every case is different (and no attorney can guarantee a dismissal or a verdict), here are some examples of results we have achieved for our clients:

• Client charged with felony sale of a schedule II controlled substance containing cocaine. Investigation revealed a weak case for the prosecution. RESULT: case dismissed after client completed community service work.

Juvenile client charged in delinquency petition with aggravated assault. Lengthy investigation and battle with school’s attorney for discovery revealed a lack of intentional action by client and no reasonable fear in the victim. RESULT: case dismissed.

• Client cited for unlawful possession of a loaded firearm at an airport security checkpoint. Investigation revealed no intent to go armed and client was an otherwise responsible gun owner. RESULT: case dismissed after client completed community service work.

  • Client with multiple previous felonies charged with two counts of felony sale of a schedule II substance containing cocaine and aggravated assault. RESULT: Presentation of mitigating evidence to district attorney resulted in aggravated assault charge being dismissed and client receiving probation on drug charges.

Juvenile client charged in delinquency petition with assault for a school fight. Investigation revealed a strong case for self-defense. RESULT: after a trial, judge reduced delinquency charge to an unruly charge.

In addition to these cases, the attorneys at Todd Moore PLC have been successful in getting clients placed on pre-trial diversion for certain charges, such as drug crimes and theft offenses. We can provide a free consultation for most of the following criminal charges:

• Assault and Battery
• Burglary
• Civil and Criminal Forfeiture
• Criminal Conspiracy
• Criminal Fraud
• Domestic Violence
• Drivers License Suspension
• Drunk Driving (DUI and DWI)
• Drug Crimes
• Expungements
• Extortion
• Felonies
• Forgery
• Hit and Run or Leaving the Scene of an Accident
• Misdemeanors
• Money Laundering
• Parole and Probation Violations
• Possession of Marijuana (Controlled Substances)
• Suspended Drivers License
• Shoplifting
• Stalking
• Theft
• Traffic Violations
• Vehicular Homicide
• Guns and/or Weapons Charges
• White-collar crimes

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime and would like to discuss your case and options, please contact Todd Moore PLC at (615) 290-5354.