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Guns in Trunks Bill Awaits Governor
Guns in Trunks Bill Awaits Governor
3/5/2013 4:12:06 PM
The Tennessee General Assembly and the United States Congress seem to be moving in opposite directions when it comes to gun laws.  In the wake of congressional debates regarding tougher gun laws, a bill that would allow those with gun carry permits to carry their guns in their cars wherever they go, including school or work, has cleared both chambers of the General Assembly.  The bill now only needs Governor Haslam’s signature to become law and sources indicate that he will review it but probably sign it.  The placement of the bill on Governor Haslam’s desk for approval marks an end to a four your debate on the issue in the General Assembly.

Opponents of the bill warn that allowing those with carry permits to keep their guns in their cars while parked at establishments that sell alcohol could lead to gun violence while gun rights activists maintain that it does not go far enough.  The bill saw increased criticism after the recent Newtown Tragedy.  Distinguished Memphis Law School Professor Andrew McClurg was recently quoted in a Memphis Flyer Article discussing gun violence in Memphis.  Professor McClurg stated that mass shootings are rare events and that people get shot and killed every day in places like Memphis.  He advocates for focusing gun control legislation on curbing the supply of illegal handguns.  According to Professor McClurg, research indicates that approximately one third of all guns used in crimes are stolen. print